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Who We Are

Our goal in 2016 is to Get Out the Vote and elect Democrats "down the ballot." We reach out to our Democratic neighbors in Indian River County and provide voter information about candidates and issues so that more Democrats vote and more Democrats win elections.

Stop in at our new Democratic Headquarters.
4325 US-1 south of 45th Street.
Or call (772) 226-5267



President/Vice President: Hillary Clinton & Tim Kaine
U.S. Senate: Patrick Murphy
U.S. Congress: Corry Westbrook
FL Senate District 17: Amy Tidd
FL Representative: Erin Grall
Justices of the Supreme Court
Canady-NO. LaBarga-YES. Polston-NO.
4th District Court of Appeal: YES for all 6.
19th Judicial Circuit, Grp 6: Robert”Bob” Meadow
IRC School Board District 3:
Write-in: Stephen Sczurek
IRC Hospital District
Seat No. 1 – Robert Savage
Seat No. 3 – Eugene Feinour
Seat No. 5 – Val Zudans
Seat No. 6 – Joseph Saul
Seat No. 7 – Michael J. Weiss
IR Mosquito Control District
Seat No. 1 Janice Broda
Constitutional Amendments
1. Solar Restrictions – NO
2. Medical Marijuana – YES
3. First Responder Tax Exemption
--No recommendation
5. Senior Homestead Exemption –
--No recommendation
One-Cent Sales Tax Extension – YES

City Councils:
Vero Beach:- Randy Old,
Sharon Gorry,
Tony Young.

Sebastian:- Linda Kinchen,
Ed Dodd


Hillary Clinton

I'm with Her!

As President, Hillary Clinton will address a host of issues that are of great importance to all Americans. Among them are the following:

SECURITY – Keeping America Safe, Maintaining a Strong Military, Combating Terrorism, Preventing Climate Change, Supporting Veterans.

ECONOMY – Building a Fair Economy, Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure, Creating Well-Paying Jobs, Encouraging Small Businesses, Promoting Technology and Innovation, Reforming Wall Street, Supporting Job Training, Enforcing Labor and Workers’ Protections, Strengthening Manufacturing, Guaranteeing Paid Family and Medical Leave.

SOCIETY – Stopping Voter Suppression, Reforming Campaign Financing, Supporting Racial Justice, Reforming the Immigration System, Creating a Fair Tax System, Fostering Equality for Women, the LGBT Community and the Disabled, Protecting Social Security.

JUSTICE – Reforming the Criminal Justice, Stopping Gun Violence, Preventing Sexual Assaults,

HEALTH – Expanding Health Care to All, Protecting Medicare and Medicaid, Enhancing Mental Health Care and Substance Abuse Treatment, Ending Alzheimer’s and Autism, Curing HIV/AIDS.

EDUCATION – Ensuring Strong Public K-12 Education, Promoting Early Childhood Education, Making College Affordable and Debt-Free.

To learn more details of Hillary Clinton's positions on these and other issues, go to:

To volunteer or donate go to:


Patrick Murphy

Patrick's Priorities:

Growing the Middle Class

Strengthening Social Security and Medicare

Raising the Minimum Wage

Pay Equality for Women

Protecting Workers' Rights

Meeting America’s Challenges Overseas

Patrick is a Native Floridian from the Keys, a Businessman and CPA. He’s proven time and again that he is a problem solver who brings both parties together to find commonsense solutions and get things done for Florida.

To volunteer or donate go to:


Corry Westbrook

Corry is for
• Restoring and protecting the Indian River Lagoon
• Protecting Social Security and Medicare
• Working to balance the budget and create good jobs in the 8th district
• Equality for everyone
• Greater transparency in government and getting money out of politics
Corry grew-up in Florida and has spent over a decade working with the US Congress and administration officials in Washington DC to protect air, water and wildlife. The environment is the most important economic driver in our district. Corry has worked for the National Wildlife Federation and Oceana as legislative and federal policy director and currently works for the World Wildlife Fund. She will combine her Florida knowledge and experience and her Washington DC knowledge and experience to get things done and improve the lives of everyone in the 8th district.

To volunteer or donate go to:


Amy Tidd

Vote for Tidd - You'll be Glad You Did!

Amy will be focused on:
Saving the Indian River Lagoon
Supporting the Space Industry
Raising the Minimum Wage
Making College more Affordable
Stopping School Overtesting
Decriminalizing Marijuana

A Navy Veteran, Amy has been a
resident of Brevard since 1992.

To volunteer or donate go to:
or call: 321-631-3916


Vote NO on Solar ...

Florida Conservation Voters has called this initiative "a wolf in sheep's clothing".
It is the utility companies' attempt to preserve their monopoly on electricity and raise fees for customers who want to go solar.



When Democrats VOTE Democrats WIN!

Voting by Mail (VBM) is the easiest and surest way to make certain your vote is counted, and counts.

1. You don't need a photo ID to vote!

2. VBM Ballots are mailed to you 30 days ahead of the election, giving you time to research the Candidates and the Issues before voting.

3. VBM Ballots are counted first.

Instead of mailing your ballot through the U.S. Postal Service you can save on postage by depositing it in one of the special Drop Boxes that will be available at the following locations:

1. Supervisor of Elections Office on 43rd AV., Vero Beach.

2. IRC Main Library on 21st St., Vero Beach.

3. Sebastian City Hall, 1225 Main St., Sebastian.


Equality for All

Democrats believe that everyone should be treated equally, regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief or economic status. We work to repeal laws that perpetuate barriers to education, voting rights and employment.


Equal Education ...

Education is the bridge that will lead millions to prosperity. Improving our schools and creating a skilled and educated workforce is key to our economic health. All students have the right to a quality public education.


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