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Who We Are

Democrats are the party of inclusion. Our goal is to get out the vote and elect Democrats at every level of government. We do this by informing voters about issues and how much their vote matters.

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Just A Reminder.

Are you registered as a Democrat or an NPA or Independent? You will not be allowed to vote for Bernie or Hillary in the March 15 Presidential Primary unless you are a registered Democrat. The deadline to change your registration is Feb. 16.

--Make sure your family, friends, neighbors and everyone around you is registered to vote in Florida’s March 15 primary. Registration deadline is Feb. 16.

--Sign up to Vote by Mail. Even if you voted by mail in the last election, you might have been dropped from the list. Please check with the Supervisor of Elections, Leslie Rossway Swan.
4375 43rd Ave, Vero Beach, FL 32967
Phone: 772-226-3440
Fax: 772-770-5367


Stop the Pollution

Economic strength and environmental health go hand-in-hand. The Florida legislature is defying the will of the people with regard to our environment. The IRC DEC is committed to electing legislators who will protect Florida's water, air and land.


Equality for All

Democrats believe that everyone should be treated equally, regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief or economic status. We work to repeal laws that perpetuate barriers to education, voting rights and employment.


Equal Education ...

Education is the bridge that will lead millions to prosperity. Improving our schools and creating a skilled and educated workforce is key to our economic health. All students have the right to a quality public education.


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    Hands Across the Sand

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